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Affiliates at Funded FX benefit from competitive commissions and up to 15% of
Funded Challenges purchase price. The goal is to grow together exponentially.

How Our Affiliate Program Works:

We strive to provide added value to our Affiliates by encouraging them to grow and offering them the necessary support to achieve their goals. Their success is our success. That’s why we offer boundary-free Affiliation levels to our Elite referral program:

* On Instant Account referrals we offer a fixed rate of 7%! *

Refer a trader to one of our $100k Instant Challenges as a Normal Affiliate and receive $1050.

Bring in at least 25 referral challenge sales and get 11% commissions for every additional sale.

Secure at least 50 referral sales a month and take the crown as a Partner with lavish 15% commissions. Maintain this level of referral sales to retain this exclusive Partner status.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate:


No Rules

Become a high earner (with 15% commissions) straightaway! You
don’t need to start small to reach your full potential as a Partner.


No Blocks

Be in touch with a dedicated Affiliate Team / Account Manager to support your efforts.


No Limits

Take advantage of Co-Growth Marketing Opportunities. We offer exclusive packages such as discounts and competitions to help you grow your audience.

Earn Up to 15% Commissions Now

Boost Your Income, Become A Funded FX Affiliate Today